Digitales Bayern-Register · eine Initiative der Bezirksgruppe Oberbayern des BLF e.V.


The Bayern-Register is a genealogical database and contains researched family names (with city name and postal code/zip code) from Bavaria. Initiator is the district group "Oberbayern" of the "Landesverein für Familienkunde" (BLF).

The project goes far beyond the club level. We are a non-profit registered association and provide this database for public use. Sincere thanks are given to more than 300 respondents for their cooperation - sending us data from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands or the United States.

The database is constantly updated with the latest genealogical research results. Other researchers can therefore discover which names have already been researched and have the ability to make contact with particular researchers.

Status quo: 108661 family names

The Bayern-Register offers several query options:

- Search for family name
- Search for city name
- Search for country code or postal code/zip code
- Search for participant number
- Show contact details

The search result contains the family name, post- and country code, city name, participant number of the researcher and a remark field. The option "Show contact details" shows the personal data of the particular researcher.

For further information on using the database see Introduction.